JUMPERS. Oh, man, do I love a jumper. This outfit has the comfort of a jumper plus the BANG of a statement piece. Finding and wearing bold patterns are one of my favorite things to do. Especially on days that I am not feeling particularly fashionable, put on a bold print and it’s like anContinue reading “POST #14: 365 NO BUY CHALLENGE (x2)”


#365nobuy Challenge: Where I don’t buy clothes for the whole year of 2017 and still try to look as fashionable as I can, making magic out of the clothes that are already in my closet. I’m on to my second post and it hasn’t been too hard so far. I find myself, in habit, saying “Oh I needContinue reading “POST #2: 365 NO BUY CHALLENGE”

The Power of Being Uncomfortable

The power of being uncomfortable… Well that seems like a weird thing to say… but I had an interesting thought while I sat here thinking about life. I’ve had some insane challenges and hardships in my life and while in those times many people complimented me on my poise in dealing with these situations, and I impressed myself ofContinue reading “The Power of Being Uncomfortable”