#365nobuy Challenge: Where I don’t buy clothes for the whole year of 2017 and still try to look as fashionable as I can, making magic out of the clothes that are already in my closet. I’m on to my second post and it hasn’t been too hard so far. I find myself, in habit, saying “Oh I need new boots. Or, I need to go shopping for some new pants…” and then I stop myself and think, nope…you don’t NEED any of those things. You WANT them, but in no way should I be saying I NEED them when I am at no shortage of either of those items in my closet. So here I am, about one month down and going strong!

Breaking down this outfit so you can realize that you probably have similar things already in your closet to achieve this look:

  • White blousy top, or any white top, or any blousy top…just put on a top damn it.
  • Dark Skinny Jeans
  • Tall brown boots (can be heels or flat, and they don’t have to even be this tall, just find those brown boots in your closet and rock it)
  • Oversized sweater or poncho (this one was my Grandma, it has shoulder pads and everything, I love it so much. Remember: some of the things you might consider old or out-of-date are the exact things that will make your outfit pop).
  • A hat, a hat makes any outfit edgy and different. A hat of any kind will do, I swear if you say, “If only I had that hat Casey has then my outfit would be perfect…” NO. I’m just going to say NO, STOP IT! You don’t need to copy an outfit completely, just mimic the essence of an outfit. You will then have the style but in your own fashion. So girl… just find a hat and throw it on!
  • Shades, cause they are so damn fun
  • Confidence… no matter what your outfit, no matter how you feel, walk out your door with some freakin’ confidence women. Be unapologetic for who you are, you are beautiful, you are a badass, and you are the only one in charge of your confidence and what you put out in this world. Get it girl! Get today hard!

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