Most Asked Questions of my #365nobuy Challenge

I got asked a lot of the same questions going through my two years of not buying clothes. If people have asked me these questions multiple times I figured there are others that are wondering the same things So here you go, some of the most commonly asked questions and my answers! Do you haveContinue reading “Most Asked Questions of my #365nobuy Challenge”


Wow oh wow! Has it been two years already?! I am happy to announce that I have successfully completed two years of not buying clothes, jewelry, purses, shoes, and accessories!!! Can you believe it? I hardly can. Crazy that these two years went by so incredibly quick and in that time I surprisingly┬ánever felt aContinue reading “#365 NO BUY: TWO YEARS COMPLETE!!”


JUMPERS. Oh, man, do I love a jumper. This outfit has the comfort of a jumper plus the BANG of a statement piece. Finding and wearing bold patterns are one of my favorite things to do. Especially on days that I am not feeling particularly fashionable, put on a bold print and it’s like anContinue reading “POST #14: 365 NO BUY CHALLENGE (x2)”