The Power of Being Uncomfortable

The power of being uncomfortable…

Well that seems like a weird thing to say… but I had an interesting thought while I sat here thinking about life. I’ve had some insane challenges and hardships in my life and while in those times many people complimented me on my poise in dealing with these situations, and I impressed myself of my ability to stay calm, organize my thoughts, and create a game plan to either wait out or get out of these times.  I wondered where I got these skills to do this in a calm confident manner, where I was able to have a clear determined thought guide me through to the other side of a hardship. I’m sure a lot of things contribute to these abilities, but tonight one thing really came to mind…the power of being uncomfortable.

Throughout my life I have always pushed myself.  Maybe not as much as a crazy adventure seeker or an adrenaline junkie, but for me, I have pushed myself. I have always said “ok” to sports and activities I wasn’t comfortable trying, I often say “yes” to a very challenging hike or run that I’m not positive I can finish, or I will often go to social gatherings/dance parties/restaurants by myself, which is not comfortable but I’m ok with it hoping that it will push me to meet new people.  I have visited rural countries where tourism is not large, nor do I speak the language, nor know where the heck I was going with the intention of adventure and discomfort and being ok in these feelings, knowing and trusting that it could lead to something great!  This may not seem like big ways to push oneself, but for me, they are.  They take me out of my comfort zone just enough, and enough where I have to find a point of comfort out of my comfort zone.

I think saying “yes” to these not-always-comfortable situations gives you an edge in your career, company, and/or industry…it gives you a POWER!  Think about it, if you are practicing being out of your comfort zone on a regular basis you’ll get, maybe not get used to, but you’ll get comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling. Then when you are approached by difficult uncomfortable time in your job, or hardships when you need to figure out how to keep your company going, or any challenges you may face, then the uncomfortable feeling that you get is not as foreign as it could be, you’ve been here before, these feelings are familiar.  And instead of freezing up, you pursue.  Instead of having to stop and sort out what these foreign feelings are, you go into fight mode, problem-solving mode…no time to waist, just time to conquer.

The power of being uncomfortable…push yourself.

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