JUMPERS. Oh, man, do I love a jumper. This outfit has the comfort of a jumper plus the BANG of a statement piece. Finding and wearing bold patterns are one of my favorite things to do. Especially on days that I am not feeling particularly fashionable, put on a bold print and it’s like anContinue reading “POST #14: 365 NO BUY CHALLENGE (x2)”

Denim on Denim… How to pull it off.

Denim on denim has been making its way through all the fashion magazines and on the runways… It’s everywhere. I, personally, have never been a fan of wearing denim with other denim… UNTIL I saw this guy!!! Way to execute my friend, very well done! Keep it simple, keep it dark on light denim, keepContinue reading “Denim on Denim… How to pull it off.”