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JUMPERS. Oh, man, do I love a jumper. This outfit has the comfort of a jumper plus the BANG of a statement piece. Finding and wearing bold patterns are one of my favorite things to do. Especially on days that I am not feeling particularly fashionable, put on a bold print and it’s like an instant boost. Not only will you feel better but people will notice and compliment you more.

When I go to conferences, tradeshows, or networking events I make it a point to wear something that catches the eye. A girl that has the confidence to wear a bold print is one to be remembered.

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Casey Lum-Dautel

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Denim on Denim… How to pull it off.

Denim on denim has been making its way through all the fashion magazines and on the runways… It’s everywhere. I, personally, have never been a fan of wearing denim with other denim… UNTIL I saw this guy!!! Way to execute my friend, very well done!

Keep it simple, keep it dark on light denim, keep it fashionable.  For the girls: add some hot heels or boots and accessorize the shit out of yourself. For the boys: add some funky boots, blazer, or even a scarf.  Get creative!! Work it out!!  And you will look hot!

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The Secret of Street Style

Ok, so I have a secret… well, I have a lot of them… but this one will be useful to you.  The secret of street style and how it will change your outlook on getting dressed morning, noon, or night.

Street style is SO important to anyone that wants to have a new and continuously fresh look on fashion and their wardrobe.  Often we look at magazines or runways to be our source of inspiration for our everyday clothing… and that can be good… but to be honest, sometimes I find that more frustrating than not.  Think about it, you’re rummaging through a magazine or looking at pictures from the runway, and they are so overdone and extravagant you don’t know where to begin.  You don’t understand it, you put the magazine away, and think to yourself “looks like I’m just going to go back to what I was wearing before.”  I get it, I understand it, I even feel it.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE MAGAZINES!  I think of them as art.  The styling is phenomenal but just unrealistic for everyday life at the office or going to dinner at that casual restaurant with a friend.

That is why STREET fashion is so important.  Look around you, become aware of your surroundings and the people who live in it.  When you see someone wearing something that you like, try to dissect it and understand why you like it so much: is it the colors?  Is it the silhouette?  Is it the way she accessorized? the layers? or mixed the patterns?  … Find out why you like it so much and you will understand your style much more and shopping will become that much easier.

Think about it, if you saw someone who had amazing style, and instead of just thinking “Wow! She has amazing style” but really broke it down, looking into why she has amazing style (example: Wow!  She really accessorized that outfit well. The color of her clutch really pops against that outfit she is wearing. And I like that stack of chunky bangles on her arm!)  THEN, when you go shopping or you’re trying to put an outfit together you will think,”Hmmmm… Maybe I should carry a bright red clutch with my all gray outfit…. Hmmmm…. Maybe I’ll add on a stack of chunky bangels…” and there you go!!  You are able to wear it because you have already seen it, you can picture it.  That is half the battle in dressing, most of the time you are afraid to wear it because you can’t visualize it, and therefore you don’t know if it looks good.

Start taking notes and put them in your memory bank.  So the next time you are staring at your closet, not knowing what to wear, you can reach far back into that memory and find an outfit you didn’t know you had the guts to wear!  Soon YOU’LL be the one that people are looking at and saying, ” Wow! She has amazing style!!”

A Little Love From the Street, Casey Lum

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Styling 101

Style 101- Casey Lum

OK, dear friends… lets take a step back, start at square one and talk fashion and style… STYLE 101:

Consider this your first day introduction to this mysterious thing called fashion.  I know fashion/style can be scary and intimidating and you wish you knew how to wear stuff that “isn’t you.”  Well, let me let you in on a little secret: “It will never be you if you NEVER wear it!” People think I can just wear anything…but to be honest, I wasn’t always that way, I made it that way.  I know it’s hard to let go and not care about what you’re wearing but you have to.  You have to be brave enough to experiment.  People almost never care about WHAT you’re wearing but HOW you wear it!  If you are rockin’ some outfit that your not sure of but you wear it with confidence, people love it!  CONFIDENCE is your best accessory!  No joke.

My styling adventures started when I was in college.  I had no more money on my credit cards, I was over my adolescent days of stealing, and I still needed that hot outfit for the party on friday night or to impress that oh-so-handsome boy who was in my ECON 101 class.  I started mixing and matching, layering, accessorizing, anything I could to make the most of my closet and it worked!  To this day I still will challenge myself to create new outfits out of my already existing clothes. Sometimes I will choose one thing from my closest (ex: shoes, a top, a purse, anything…) and be so determined to wear it I will make myself create a new outfit incorporating that one piece.  Too often we get stuck wearing the same pieces together  wearing an outfit over and over until we get bored with it.  You HAVE TO challenge yourself and make the most out of your closet.

You might say, “Well, it just comes natural to you..” and I’m going to say, “No, it doesn’t.” I totally had to work on it.  Lord knows the days I used to live in my Gap khakis and plain basic T’s.  I’m telling you, I was the ultimate Gap girl.  Not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but we all know they don’t have the most exciting clothes.  It took work.

Anything that you want to be good at you have to practice.  As our parents would say, “Practice makes perfect” and that rings true in this situation as well.  Don’t think you are going to wake up one morning and all a sudden fashion is going to make sense to you.  I would love to be a singer but I also know that a fabulous voice is not just going to appear one day.  You have to start training your mind that way  and each day will get easier and easier. I PROMISE.

So I challenge you: at least twice a week take a piece from your closet, new or old, and create a new outfit out of it.  A combination you’ve never worn before.  Really think about it, put some effort into it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and wear things with confidence.