It’s all in the jacket.

Prior to 2017 (when I allowed myself to go shopping), I would try to make it a habit of buying more statement pieces than not, pieces that would really stand out. I did this because when you wear a statement piece, you really don’t have to think about the rest of the outfit… THAT one piece IS THE OUTFIT! If you really break down what I’m wearing in these photos, besides the jacket, the rest of it is just basics, it’s the jacket that makes it pop!

This jacket is one of my favorite jackets to just throw on. Between the cut, fit, and unique design details, everyone always compliments me when I wear it. It is an outfit all on its own. So find your fashionable favorites and challenge yourself to wear the statement pieces that sometimes you aren’t brave enough to wear. One piece worn right can make all the difference!

P.S. Get a badass pair of shoes too! Nothing makes you feel more confident then rockin’ a fab pair of heels!

Don’t know what the #365nobuy Challenge is?
It’s where I don’t buy clothes for the whole year of 2017 and still try to look as fashionable as I can, making magic out of the clothes that are already in my closet, taking time to appreciate what I have instead of being tempted to buy more. Want to read the first post where I tell you all about it? CLICK HERE. Each post I will share my style philosophies, tips, and hardships during the year…so subscribe to my journey over to the top right of this page, I’m sure it will get entertaining! Want to join along and not buy clothes with me? Let’s do this! Tag your Instagram and facebook photos with #365nobuy


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