A Greener Christmas

In the attempt to make this overly non- green holiday a little more on the greener side, I have decided to write a few things I try to do to do my part for the environment during a time of year when waste is so prevalent on our culture.

a few ideas:
– use reusable bags as gift bags… you can find fun reusable bags almost anywhere for about 99 cents (this is cheaper than most gift bags out there) and they are REUSABLE!! Win-win situation! YOU get to spend less money and THEY get a reusable bag! What better way to gift wrap!?
– Cut up brown paper bags, newspapers, or old maps as Christmas wrap. Get creative. These are things that are laying around your house getting no use. Use them for your gift wrap… you’re gonna throw them out anyways! TRUST ME, it’s super creative and people will appreciate not only your creativeness but your care for the environment as well! It’s all about the gift inside anyways!
– Use dried leaves as gift tags! No better way to make a gift look seasonal AND save money!

These are just a few simple ways to help create less waste and do something that not only does you good but the planet as well!

Happy Holidays!!

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