My Where-abouts and what YOU need to be about…

Alright dear friends, I know I have been MIA for a bit now…apologize!  Every now and then I tend to band electronics and anything that connects me to the world.  AND every now and then I will realize that is probably not the smartest way to approach this technology based world we live in.  So here I am, trying to reconnect to my cyberspace life.  Although I have not been a very good pen pal with you I hope to make it up to you!  Fashion, travel, stories, fun, verbal vomit (AKA my not-so-thought-out opinions), and more.  So, although I have not been on my blog for the past month, I will tell you where I HAVE been and why you need to experience what I have to start your year off right!

Ok, so lets back track a a little bit…

How I felt mid-December of my life (and many others as I have found out): BORING.  I was not excited about Christmas, I was more stressed out about the money I had to spend rather than the magic of giving for the season.  I was not very excited about where I was with my career and extremely unhappy about how my jeans fit.  To sum it all up I was NOT the jolliest person that santa would run into for the holiday season, at this rate I was getting coal in my stocking…and to be honest, kind of felt like I deserved it…

Now Lets fast-forward to NOW:  Early February….still not too happy about how my jeans fit BUT a whole new look on life.  A month of relaxation, mind-gathering, goal building, inspiration-seeking, and a ready-to-go approach on life.  I have spent the last month with a week in the country (Auburn), a day trip to the city (San Francisco), a little time not too far from home (San Diego), a long weekend to a place with SO much rain and SO much personality (Portland), a weekend in the desert (Palm Springs), and the other days in between in Orange County being very grateful for amazing friends and the beautiful sun!  Although I enjoyed all the places I have been this last month, Auburn and Portland are two places I feel everyone should know the essence of…so please let me indulge…

Auburn is a place where the trees are greener and the weather is crisper, things move a little more slow and the beauty around you is more pronounced. Life there isn’t about having to have your Starbucks latte but more about supporting you local coffee shop. It’s where arts and crafts fairs are a common place to get your holiday gifts and people take more time for people.  Kids can run around the yard and town with no worry if they’re going to come home at night and the old bumpy country roads are appreciated more than complained about. The fall trees turn a rainbow of colors instead of die into an abyss of brown mess.  This is my heavenly place I go when  I want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California and reconnect with myself.  The place I find when I don’t want to worry about my career, my relationships, my ANYTHING.  It helps me clear my mind and rebuild my plan of where to go next.

Portland is a new love of mine.  It is a small place that is very under-rated.  This place where January is really January, I spent most of my time walking in the rain fully enjoying what this town has to offer.  It is a state that has sustainable living and conservable energy on the mind and is continuously putting it into action.  Downtown Portland screams personality….and I’m not talking flashy lights, crazy colors, and freaky people walking down the street (no, that would be Hollywood Blvd.).  I’m talking cute unique shops and restaurants that all have a certain charisma to them.  A place where words do not have to be spoken to know they want you there…very welcoming. It is bigger than I imagined and I am SO ready to go back and explore some more!

Both of these places helped me end my year right and start my new year fresh.  It was an escape from the craziness of Southern California, an escape that created a few moments of pure bliss in my life.   As much as I love the crazy party vacations (such as Las Vegas, New York, Miami, etc.) it is just as important to me to take trips that really help connect me back to myself, rejuvenate, ground yourself, and realize the happiness that these small, calm places can help exude of you.  These trips were a MUST DO for myself to be able to see my year in focus AND definitely a trip I suggest.  So grab your books, sketch book, magazines, journal, and iPod…hop on the plane…and I will meet you there …<3

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