MEET THE NATIVES… a journey for you to join

There is one show I have recently come across that I can’t get enough of.  It’s called “Meet the Natives” on the Travel channel.  I have set the DVR, I have visited the site, I have read all the extras about them and I find it completely intriguing.  It is about 5 beautiful men from the Pacific island of Tanna who are taken to different parts of the USA experiencing the American life.  You would think that they would be in pure bliss living with electricity, plumbing, the city, cars, clothing even…but as much as they do enjoy their adventure, they give us a new way of looking at what we have, a new view about how we rank things in our life, and a new kindness that we all should be spreading.  I find this show to be such a cultural eye-opening innuendo of the two cultures combined.

Please watch this pleasure of a show and be as touched as I was.

More info go to MEET THE NATIVES

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