MAY 1-3: Further Future

MAY 1-3


My latest epic adventure was the Further Future Gathering, some might call it a “festival” but it was much more than that, it was an experience.  I have realized that I am part of a generation that loves bringing “unreal” environments and experiences to life, and it’s insane. Further Future was described to us as “a gathering of people with the common goal to spend time together celebrating the infinite possibilities of the future, without necessarily being shackled to the dictates of the past or the cycles of present-day society.”  And it was just that. Held out in the middle of a desert in Nevada, miles and miles away from anything, an invite only experience with live music, deep house music parties, yoga, meditation, wellness, pampering, nature, talks from some of our greatest visionary leaders… but it was mostly to bring together the like-minded “COMMUNITY OF DREAMERS AND DOERS, OF INNOVATORS AND LEADERS THAT SHARE the same SENSE OF MINDFULNESS AND OPTIMISM to meet, collaborate, and connect”.

So lets back track to about a couple of months before the event.  As we got our invitations from Robot Heart (a very well-known party-going visionary collective camp at Burningman)  to this first ever, epic-adventure called Further Future our minds started to wonder.  Given almost no information except that it was going to be somewhere in the Nevada desert, it was going to be a plethora of different experiences bringing together art, wellness, partying, and much more… it was going to be nothing like we had ever experienced before. As someone with a weakness for adventure and the unknown, plus the knowledge of the amazing parties Robot Heart throws at Burningman, I excepted the invitation immediately, rented an RV and was ready to go.

Fast-forwarding to the first day of Further Future, I’m with my buddies in a RV that we just picked up from Las Vegas.  One week before this, we received the location, we were told to drive 30 minutes past Las Vegas where we will find our destination. So into the desert we go…into our adventure.  After driving for a while with nothing but desert around us, we see two big bright lit-up “F”s in the middle of NOWHERE… this was it, this was our entrance.  Hearts pounding, anticipation at it’s high, we drive through the F’s on to a dirt road and our adventure begins.

Further Future Further Future Further Future

It was a magic desert dream, that ended up being a “build-your-own adventure” type weekend.  There was a full variety schedule around the clock, something for everyone.  For the hard-core partier: live music, Djs, and random get togethers 24-hours out of the day, on stages, on top of buses, in the dirt, partying was happening all around.  For the person that came for the knowledge, art, and wellness: there was enough interactive art installation, yoga, meditation, gong bath-houses, massages, hair-braiding, body-art, and innovative visionary speakers, to fill up your entire weekend.  If you wanted a little of both, which was the majority of us, we’d filp-flop between live music, speakers such as Tony Hsieh, Astro Teller from Google X, and the creators of Sound Cloud, eating delicious food concoctions, doing yoga, getting massages and then leaving the majority of our partying for the evening until the early morning hours, watching the sunrise as we danced away to the psychedelic beats of all the amazing DJs.

And lets just stop and  emphasize on one MAJOR thing. Let me remind you that this was all created on land with nothing on it. Not a single pipe for running water, not a single outlet for energy, not a single building for shade.  This was all put there for this very event, for us.  Robot Heart created all of this, created a magical wonderland, this playground, and then at the end left it as if we had never been there, no trace (as they call it at Burningman)…incredible.  Like seriously AMAZING right?!

My days there went too quick.  There was not enough time to eat at every vendor, to see every art piece, to experience every yoga class, to hear every speaker, to listen to every live act, and to be at every party…especially when we were also trying to meet and connect with all the other fascinating souls there.   We sure tried, we slept very little, total FOMO kicked in (fear of missing out), but as I watched the sun rise on my last day there, dancing on top of the Robot Heart double decker bus, next to the DJ, watching beautiful girls climbing on the Robot Heart structure above me, I knew my life had changed….even if it was just a little bit.  I was once again inspired by the beauty around us, by the magic that happens when you step into the unknown, out of your comfort zone and into the energy of this life.

What an incredible indescribable journey this was.  Full of unknowns, rolling-with-the-punches, love, life, and magic!  A journey I definitely have been craving since I left.

Our world for the weekend.

Further Future-9

The infamous ROBOT HEART bus
Further Future

Astro Teller from Google X inspiring usFurther Future-7

The creators of Sound Could droppin some knowledgeFurther Future-8

Zoe Keating bringing us to a whole other level with her Cello
Further Future

The Wellness Tent
Further Future-5

Everyone was dressed FUTURISTIC
Further Future-6 Further Future-12 Further Future-11 Further Future-10 Further Future-17Further Future-2

Climbing on an art structure with my Re/Creation crew
Further Future Further Future-3

As the sun rises
Further Future-21

The bar and big bean bags to chill on
Further Future-13 Further Future-23 Further Future-20 Further Future-18

This is LIFE
Further Future-22

Our land for the weekend
Further Future Overview Further Future-4

Miss you already ROBOT HEART, hope to see you soon! ❤

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