A Step Away for a More Productive Me

Late post: Wrote on 11/3/14

I had to escape.  My work was getting the best of me.  I was drowning in my to-do list.  I could not get away from my everyday stresses… In fact there were new stresses I didn’t even know how to handle.  I was screaming at traffic (which is abnormal for me).  I was on edge (to say the least)… I had to escape.

So where did I go?  I went home…not my LA home…my HOME home…good ol’ small town NorCal.  Where life is a little slower, Fall is a little brighter, your thoughts move through your head a little clearer, and you get time to think, time to make decisions before another one comes to your head.  Where the comfort of my parents presence need not have words, just there presence alone lifts a burden off these weighted shoulders.

I was in need of a change of scenery.  Even though I worked most of the time I was in NorCal, the idea of working somewhere else besides my store or my apartment, or even LA for that matter, sounded blissful…and little did I know how blissful it  would be. I was really able to refocus and get work done without my normal distractions, it was just what I needed.

Gorgeous Sunset

Sometimes its not about a vacation, sometimes its just about taking a small step away, relocating your workspace for a little bit, finding a place that fuels you, and really just letting it be you, your to-do list, and your new scenery.  To do this and to really allow it in my life has really helped me as a creative person and especially as a entrepreneur.

Things that have helped me when choosing a refueling place is: finding somewhere that you know you’ll be comfortable, somewhere with minimal distractions, a place that inspires you, somewhere where you have minimal friends in the area (so you are not tempted with distractions, or designate time with them beforehand), and prepare correctly, bring all that you need.

Sometimes we don’t know how much rest, relaxation, and a step away we need until we actually get it!  Thank you NorCal for being that place for me.

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