Life right now: Business…Rolling with the Punches

Late post: Wrote on 11/25/14

Boxing Gloves Hanging on Ropes

I knew having my own business was not going to be easy…but shit, life is really f-ing hard right now.  In my everyday life, I am real good at staying positive in hard situations, real good at being patient, and knowing there is a reason for everything that happens to us, real good at seeing the lessons that lie within a situation, I’m real good at keeping a smile on my face… But sometimes there comes a time when I get tired of doing all of that.  When rolling with the punches have become too wearing and you just want this round to end, so you can reset and have a chance at another round.  You’re not ready to give up yet, you just need a break, you just need a pep talk, a new game plan.  I am at the point right now.  I am tired and beat down of this round and ready to have a chance at the next.  I’m afraid if I stay in this round much longer, we might just have a knock out.  Please someone… ring that bell for this round to end.

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