We’re nearing the end of the year and #365nobuy is still alive and strong. Stronger than it’s been and wondering how long I can keep this going! I have had the itch to start sewing again, which is surprising because, after working with so many crazy brides and their wedding dresses, I swore off sewing for a while… and “for a while” mean I don’t think I’ve made a piece of clothing for a good 5 years. My love-hate relationship has turned into a little more LOVE lately and I think I might dust off the sewing machine and start creating again! But… we’ll see…

Photo Jun 12, 1 19 18 PM

As for my closet, I have been finding more and more gems hiding in there. The skirt that I have on here still had the tags on it! I bought it from one of my friend’s boutiques a couple years ago and HAD NOT WORN IT YET!! Why do we do this? So weird right? So I finally cut off the tag and created a fun whimsical outfit with it. The hat was my dad’s from back in the day (he gave it to me a few years ago) and the shoes were hand-me-down’s from my mom a few years back (actually hand-me-ups because these shoes probably cost more than any other pair of shoes I’ve bought for myself). Kinda fun realizing where these pieces derived from and giving them life again.

There is another pair of shoes that show up in these photos, simply because I couldn’t choose what ones I liked best. The white makes it a little more girly and the chunky purple shoes a little more funky. Different looks for different days… crazy how just shoes can change the vibe of the outfit!

Photo Jun 12, 1 00 55 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 05 47 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 05 53 PM

As you can see these were taken pre-red hair… the red hair ones are coming soon!

Photo Jun 12, 1 18 16 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 06 02 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 10 03 PM

Thanks for tuning in guys! I’ll have some more outfit inspiration up soon! Hope you are well and have a great week! ❤





So I haven’t written about my #365nobuy challenge for a while… are you all wondering if I fell off the wagon?! Wellllll….

NOPE! I haven’t!! Yay!

There have been some very close calls but all in all I have stayed true to the #365nobuy!!! Can you believe it? Can you believe that all of 2017 I have not bought any clothes yet? I can’t.

It was a couple weeks ago when I was getting ready for a friend’s birthday, looking through my closet, and caught myself saying for the first time in 2017, “I have nothing to wear.” It kind of shocked me because I hadn’t said that in so long. Then I asked myself, “Really Casey, really? You have nothing to wear?” And the answer is no, you have plenty to wear.

I even dug around a little deeper and found these pants that had been in my “to hem” pile for the longest time. I hemmed them up and just like that, I had a brand new outfit ready to go!

So lesson learned… when you think you have nothing, dig deeper and create a new outfit, find those hidden gems that can make your whole outfit. ❤️❤️



I can’t believe we are on month 5 of the #365nobuy challenge!! This year has flown by and I am actually surprised that I haven’t been as tempted to buy clothes as much as I thought I would! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely had a few times where it has been tough… like that one time I stared at a pair of shoes online for a good 20 minutes straight tempted to break my challenge and buy them… but I didn’t!!! Yay! 

What actually got me through, was to run through my closet and see if I had a pair of shoes that could achieve the same look as the ones I wanted to buy. And you know what,?! I did! The ones I have aren’t super similar to the ones I wanted to buy, but they were good enough… enough to convince me to not spend $200 on new boots and break my #365nobuy challenge! 

This photoshoot actually displays the shoes that helped me not buy the ones online. I’ve had them for about 10 years and instead of replacing them, every now and then I spend a few bucks to get them repaired, and it’s been totally worth it. I still love these shoes!

Also in these pics I have on this bomb tank top I was gifted from my friend who has a company called the “Done Geev Up”, amplifying human potential, proliferating good vibes. In this challenge I have not really excepted any gifts or hand-me-downs  but this was a special acceptance. I love my friends shirts so much and I love what her company stands for so it was a privilege to get this shirt. I rock it all the time! Check out the goodness of her company and get your own here: http://www.donegeevup.com, Instagram @donegeevup

Enough chitter chatter… on to the pics! 

If you are in the #365nobuy challenge as well, let me know how it is going! I would love to hear your story, progress, and struggles! Thanks for being here friends! Until next time…

xoxo, Casey



We are on month 4 of the 365 NO BUY CHALLENGE and we are going strong! I still have not bought any clothes, have not added anything more to my closet. YAY!

It actually helped that it was so rainy and cold here in SoCal because I got to make use of all my winter clothes that I usually only wear if I’m going to Nothern California, Portland, or anywhere really that has a real winter. I was lucky (especially for this challenge) because I got to put my summer clothes to rest and went full force with the winter clothes! I loved it!

Now that we are rolling into spring, it’s still a little more chilly than it usually is at this time of year here in Southern California but it has helped me be able to wear some of these semi-warm items (like this long sleeve wool crop-top sweater pictured here). Since I know that I am not buying any clothes for the rest of the year, I have been rationing my summer clothes and trying not to wear them until it becomes too hot for all my other clothes! That is my strategy at least…cross your fingers it works! haha!

It has also been really awesome to hear from some of the people that decided to join me on this journey! It’s a challenge, I know, but so far it has made me feel really free! Free from the consumerism and marketing this world tries to throw at you on the daily.

You guys are awesome! Wishing you a fruitful and plentiful day! Until next time! xoxo