Becoming a Better Me.

I am constantly on the journey to becoming a better me. Listening to podcasts, reading articles, getting inspired by attending conferences… whenever I find something that has impacted me I want to post it here to share and to remember. This is the latest:

School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

Episode 517

4 Personality Types for Successful Entrepreneurs


Processed with VSCO with c4 presetIt’s my birthday!!!!! Want to know what I did on my birthday? Well, what I didn’t do is go shopping (that makes a year and a half of no shopping). What I did do, is get to wear one of my favorite pieces of clothing of all time… this JACKET!

When I first saw this dark red and blue fur jacket, I showed my boyfriend (now fiance) and was joking about how ugly it was… then I picked it up again, looked at it and said “Wait a minute… I think I actually like it…” Seeing that my fiance and I are SUPER into dressing up for the 4th of July AND the jacket was red and blue, I thought, “this could be my new 4th of July jacket!” And that year it was.

After that year I found myself reaching for it again and again even when it was not time to wear red, white, and blue. It slowly has become one of my favorite pieces to wear and I can’t get enough!

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Isn’t that so weird? A piece that I thought was SO ugly at first now gives me the most joy. I find extreme humor in that. I also believe that if I hadn’t done this challenge I might have never fallen in love with it as much as I have. You see, when things are circulating in and out of your closet at a rapid pace, you lose the ability or the time to truly fall deeper in love with your closet.

So my suggestion is to give your clothes a chance. Wear them and keep wearing them in different combinations and styles. Find how you like to wear it best. Find 3-5 outfits you can wear with that one piece and keep exploring that garment’s possibilities. I swear to you, when you start challenging yourself like this it becomes so fun and so addicting.

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Take time with your closet. Love it like one of your babies. Really treasure and adore what you have bought for it’s these things that can give you the most joy if you give them a chance.

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Wow oh wow! Where has the year gone? I can’t believe it’s already APRIL!!! I am almost halfway through my 2nd year of #365nobuy challenge. I am starting to get the itch for some new threads in my closet and plan to make a dress this month. My friend is getting married in Tulum at the beginning of May and I would love a brand new dress to wear. If you remember the rules of my challenge, if I want something bad enough I have to work for it and make it… so that is what I plan to do. Stay tuned, I will be posting my progress.

Until then this was a fun outfit I put together that encapsulates Winter in Sothern California. Boots, jeans, fur jacket, beanie, but still have to wear a mid-drift to not get too hot. HAHA. Kind of ridiculous what we have to do in order to wear winter clothes here. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! ❤