Droppin’ Some Knowledge

Written Jan 23, 2015

I got asked to go back to my alma matter, California State University, Long Beach, to speak to a group of students I used to be a part of called the President Ambassadors.  This is a lovely, motivated, well-rounded group of college students that have been hand picked by the University President to represent him/her and the President’s office on a student level.  It’s like the President’s student entourage, at least that is how I like to look at it 😉

I was so honored they asked me to come back and speak.  They wanted me to speak about my road to being a business owner and what kind of advice I’d give to these students.  And goodness, at first I wasn’t really sure what I was going to say.  I felt like it hadn’t been that long since I had been in their shoes, I feel like I haven’t gotten as far as I wanted to in life, and didn’t know if I really felt worthy to talk about where I am now.  But then I thought, “I guess in reality, doing math, IT HAD been almost 9 years since I had been in college and I must have learned something!  There must be some knowledge I can drop on them.” So I thought…and thought… and I just decided to tell my story, I decided I would tell them what I wish someone would have told me when I was in college, how challenging life is after college, and how to prepare for it.

I’m not going to go into much what I talked about, because that can be ten blog entries in itself, and I will eventually write about that stuff.  But what dawned on me within the talk/discussion I had with them, is that I HAD learned a lot since I had graduated!  Much more than I had realized. It was when I was talking to them that I realized I felt like I was worlds away from where they are at this very moment in their lives.  I realized in the last nine years, I have learned a lot not only about life, but about myself.  It was exhilarating speaking with these students because one, it made me realize a lot about myself and that I HAVE gotten far in my life and two, I saw they still had this purity about them, a purity and motivation that I remember having at that time in my life, like feeling indestructible and untouched.  I remember in college I felt like I was going to conquer the world, and of course, I still feel like that, haha, but that certain spirit you have in college was really refreshing and energizing to be around again.

it reaminded me of the strength and hope I had in college before I was (lack of better words) beaten down by the world.  So as much as I might have taught them, they brought back this hope and this un-matched determination/strength that i hadn’t felt since 9 years ago when I graduated.  So as much as I gave to them that day, they gave me a lot back as well.


New Store

I AM ON A HIGH RIGHT NOW!  After about three months of pain, drama, and worry of if I was going to have a store anymore, or a business for that matter, my life has come in full circle and I officially have a new home for my beautiful business and store, B. POY & JO (www.bpoyandjo.com)!  We will be making our new home on Melrose Ave!!!  A whole storefront for myself, a way better fit to my style than Beverly Hills, and just a wonderful move all together that will give me more room, exposure, and a better creative space.

This move did not come easy, it came after a full two-three months of yelling matches with my previous store landlord, a fear of getting locked out of my store, having to move out with three days notice…and none of this being may fault…moving all my things in storage and living amongst half of my store in my apartment, looking for a new location (and the competition to get a new place is HARD in LA), or if I could even afford a new location, going through the month long process of getting approved for the location I chose, and filling out paperwork with the fear that at any moment of this process someone else could come swoop in and offer my new landlord a better deal (my leasing broker kept reminding me over and over that “nothing is final until both parties sign the lease…nothing is final until both parties sign the lease.” Ok, I get it!!!), and dealing with heath problems caused by stress that I’ve never had before. Life was tough, not gonna lie.  But in the mist of this, I knew this pain was temporary, it always is.

Whenever I am at a hard low point in my life I constantly tell myself it will get better, and maybe not instantly, but eventually it will get better.  The lows can only last so long, where they highs will eventually come take over.  In a grateful life, a DID ME GOOD LIFE, you become aware that the lows are actually necessary for us to truly enjoys the highs, the highs wouldn’t be so high if we hadn’t felt the pain of the lows, and you even become thankful for the lows.  Everything is perspective.

Of course it is hard to think about this when you are in the middle of the lows.  It has to be a very conscious thought, one you completely have to work at, one you have to be progressive about.  If you are at a low point in your life and you do nothing to help you get out of it, then of course it won’t change, I mean, maybe over time, but wouldn’t it be such a better feeling that you know you did EVERYTHING you could think of to get out of this low.  And even when you think you have thought of everything…keep thinking!

In the midst of all this craziness, I had multiple people tell me, “Wow, you’re really handling this well.” Inside, my mind and body were freaking out, but it was the constant reminder to myself and the conscious thought to control those feelings and have faith in the universe and God, and whatever higher being you believe in (’cause there is one), that things will be how they are suppose to be.  Things REALLY DO happen for a reason, and I have extreme faith in that, when you can grasp true faith in that it will give a calmness to any situation.  Right now, I am thankful that I have had these lows to really FEEL how great this high is right now.  Granted, I might have to go through many more lows to get to a high again but right now I am thankful for everything that has brought me to this point in my life.  I am so happy, so blissful, so inspired and motivated.  Life is good when you live a DID ME GOOD LIFE! ❤