Its been 80+ degrees here in SoCal AND it’s December. I grew up in Northern California where we had seasons… major seasons, 30s/40s in the winter and 100s in the summer, we definitely always knew what time of year it was. Not so much here in SoCal! We are crusin’ into Christmas time and all I want to do is go to the beach! So since the sun is still shining, we are still going to dress the part and post an outfit that looks like it should be a shown in the summer but instead we will call it a Southern California Winter Outfit 😉

Photo Sep 18, 2 20 06 PM

Photo Sep 18, 2 12 31 PM

Before my grandma passed, every year she used to knit each one of our family members a sweater for Christmas. Probably doesn’t sound too challenging until I tell you that we have over 30+ people in our family, plus she’d make them for extended family and friends as well. She was knitting year around, her hands always on the go. I sure miss that woman every day but I’m glad I still have some of her sweaters to keep me reminded of Christmas with her.

These photos show off one of my favorites. A pearly white short sleeve lightweight crop top. Super cute and flirty! Go grandma!

Photo Sep 18, 2 13 15 PM

Photo Sep 18, 2 16 43 PM

Photo Sep 18, 2 13 36 PM

Photo Sep 18, 2 15 06 PM

xoxo, Casey Lum

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