We’re nearing the end of the year and #365nobuy is still alive and strong. Stronger than it’s been and wondering how long I can keep this going! I have had the itch to start sewing again, which is surprising because, after working with so many crazy brides and their wedding dresses, I swore off sewing for a while… and “for a while” mean I don’t think I’ve made a piece of clothing for a good 5 years. My love-hate relationship has turned into a little more LOVE lately and I think I might dust off the sewing machine and start creating again! But… we’ll see…

Photo Jun 12, 1 19 18 PM

As for my closet, I have been finding more and more gems hiding in there. The skirt that I have on here still had the tags on it! I bought it from one of my friend’s boutiques a couple years ago and HAD NOT WORN IT YET!! Why do we do this? So weird right? So I finally cut off the tag and created a fun whimsical outfit with it. The hat was my dad’s from back in the day (he gave it to me a few years ago) and the shoes were hand-me-down’s from my mom a few years back (actually hand-me-ups because these shoes probably cost more than any other pair of shoes I’ve bought for myself). Kinda fun realizing where these pieces derived from and giving them life again.

There is another pair of shoes that show up in these photos, simply because I couldn’t choose what ones I liked best. The white makes it a little more girly and the chunky purple shoes a little more funky. Different looks for different days… crazy how just shoes can change the vibe of the outfit!

Photo Jun 12, 1 00 55 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 05 47 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 05 53 PM

As you can see these were taken pre-red hair… the red hair ones are coming soon!

Photo Jun 12, 1 18 16 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 06 02 PM

Photo Jun 12, 1 10 03 PM

Thanks for tuning in guys! I’ll have some more outfit inspiration up soon! Hope you are well and have a great week! ❤



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