So I haven’t written about my #365nobuy challenge for a while… are you all wondering if I fell off the wagon?! Wellllll….

NOPE! I haven’t!! Yay!

There have been some very close calls but all in all I have stayed true to the #365nobuy!!! Can you believe it? Can you believe that all of 2017 I have not bought any clothes yet? I can’t.

It was a couple weeks ago when I was getting ready for a friend’s birthday, looking through my closet, and caught myself saying for the first time in 2017, “I have nothing to wear.” It kind of shocked me because I hadn’t said that in so long. Then I asked myself, “Really Casey, really? You have nothing to wear?” And the answer is no, you have plenty to wear.

I even dug around a little deeper and found these pants that had been in my “to hem” pile for the longest time. I hemmed them up and just like that, I had a brand new outfit ready to go!

So lesson learned… when you think you have nothing, dig deeper and create a new outfit, find those hidden gems that can make your whole outfit. ❤️❤️

One thought on “POST #7: 365 NO BUY CHALLENGE

  1. I absolutely ADORE those pants!!! You rock them girl!! I am part of my local Buy Nothing Facebook group here in Washington state north of Seattle, and love it:)


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