I can’t believe we are on month 5 of the #365nobuy challenge!! This year has flown by and I am actually surprised that I haven’t been as tempted to buy clothes as much as I thought I would! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely had a few times where it has been tough… like that one time I stared at a pair of shoes online for a good 20 minutes straight tempted to break my challenge and buy them… but I didn’t!!! Yay! 

What actually got me through, was to run through my closet and see if I had a pair of shoes that could achieve the same look as the ones I wanted to buy. And you know what,?! I did! The ones I have aren’t super similar to the ones I wanted to buy, but they were good enough… enough to convince me to not spend $200 on new boots and break my #365nobuy challenge! 

This photoshoot actually displays the shoes that helped me not buy the ones online. I’ve had them for about 10 years and instead of replacing them, every now and then I spend a few bucks to get them repaired, and it’s been totally worth it. I still love these shoes!

Also in these pics I have on this bomb tank top I was gifted from my friend who has a company called the “Done Geev Up”, amplifying human potential, proliferating good vibes. In this challenge I have not really excepted any gifts or hand-me-downs  but this was a special acceptance. I love my friends shirts so much and I love what her company stands for so it was a privilege to get this shirt. I rock it all the time! Check out the goodness of her company and get your own here:, Instagram @donegeevup

Enough chitter chatter… on to the pics! 

If you are in the #365nobuy challenge as well, let me know how it is going! I would love to hear your story, progress, and struggles! Thanks for being here friends! Until next time…

xoxo, Casey

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