We are on month 4 of the 365 NO BUY CHALLENGE and we are going strong! I still have not bought any clothes, have not added anything more to my closet. YAY!

It actually helped that it was so rainy and cold here in SoCal because I got to make use of all my winter clothes that I usually only wear if I’m going to Nothern California, Portland, or anywhere really that has a real winter. I was lucky (especially for this challenge) because I got to put my summer clothes to rest and went full force with the winter clothes! I loved it!

Now that we are rolling into spring, it’s still a little more chilly than it usually is at this time of year here in Southern California but it has helped me be able to wear some of these semi-warm items (like this long sleeve wool crop-top sweater pictured here). Since I know that I am not buying any clothes for the rest of the year, I have been rationing my summer clothes and trying not to wear them until it becomes too hot for all my other clothes! That is my strategy at least…cross your fingers it works! haha!

It has also been really awesome to hear from some of the people that decided to join me on this journey! It’s a challenge, I know, but so far it has made me feel really free! Free from the consumerism and marketing this world tries to throw at you on the daily.

You guys are awesome! Wishing you a fruitful and plentiful day! Until next time! xoxo

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