WOW! How one year can change SO much!
This picture came up on Facebook, this was one year ago at one of my monthly craft nights that I would do at my store. I had NO IDEA at this time that I would close my store and crafting would be my next business venture. I truly believe that life is always moving and NOTHING is stagnant, I live by the phrase: every experience in your life is just a catalyst to the next, once I became good with that saying and truly believed it, the ebb and flow of life got so much more fluid and easy to ride. Having my store was such a blessing, it really pushed me in fast-forward through so many learning experiences, and brought me to a place to see all the possibilities around me. It was not easy to open, have, and close a store…but I’m sure glad life lead me that way. Here’s to life’s curve-balls, believing in your journey, and finding the possibilities that lie in hardships! xoxo

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