I looooove big extravert things! Don’t get it confused with big expensive things…. no, I am talking about crazy things, like my hat, that I might find at a flea market. Things that I think are so outrageous and I buy them because they make me laugh! This hat I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market a few years back. It was from a vendor that sells old movie and costume props… such an amazing vendor.

I was there with a friend, just browsing (well at least telling myself that so I wouldn’t buy anything…) and came across this vendor with old costumes from movies and such. We probably spent at least 30 minutes in their booth and my friend and I both walked out with crazy hats cause we fell in love with how huge the brim of these were. Mine is from an old 3 Musketeers movie! So fun right?!

I think it’s important to fill your closet with fun things, things that are a bit outrageous sometimes. This life is too short to take it seriously, and your wardrobe is too. Have fun with it, laugh at yourself. It’s times like these, when I am not buying clothes for a whole year, that having fun things in my closet just gets me so giddy and brings me so much joy.

Don’t know what the #365nobuy Challenge is?
It’s where I don’t buy clothes for the whole year of 2017 and still try to look as fashionable as I can, making magic out of the clothes that are already in my closet, taking time to appreciate what I have instead of being tempted to buy more. Want to read the first post where I tell you all about it? CLICK HERE. Each post I will share my style philosophies, tips, and hardships during the year…so subscribe to my journey over to the top right of this page, I’m sure it will get entertaining! Want to join along and not buy clothes with me? Let’s do this! Tag your Instagram and facebook photos with #365nobuy

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