I’m going to do today, and do it well! 

Sometimes when life gets overwhelming, you just have to say: “I’m going to do today and do it well!”

Life is sure not easy.  Life can get really overwhelming and hard to see where it is going sometimes.  Having my own retail business is extremely  challenging, harder than I thought…  I have big dreams for it and it’s sometimes really hard to see the next steps, to really understand where this business is going, to know if it is even going to survive, and what I need to do to take it to the next level.  Sometimes I find a whole day has passed without me doing anything because I feel too overwhelmed, too frustrated, too clouded to think… and I just sit here with a “poor me” attitude…

And thats when the “Casey Pep-Talks” come in.  I often have pep-talks with myself; I look myself in the mirror, take a deep breath and tell myself “You’re a badass, you’re smart and capable of anything, you’re a boss and you are going to conquer this thing called LIFE.”  And then when I realize that is still too overwhelming, I say, “Ok… I’m just going to do today and I am going to do today really f-ing well. I’m going to do today, today.  Focus on tomorrow, tomorrow. And the rest of the year as those days come.  But for today, I am going to do today really well.

When we look at the bigger picture of anything, it is overwhelming, it seems confusing.  But as we learned about goals growing up, we were taught to break them down into achievable steps, little pieces that seem possible.  And sometimes that is what we have to do with each day of life.  Focus on one day at a time, and do that one day really well.

Life is crazy.  The average age we live to is 80 , that is almost 30,000 days! That is A LOT of days to plan in advance, and that is too overwhelming for anyone! So lets focus on today: conquering today, staying positive today, achieving a small step towards a bigger goal today, making you a better you…today.

Lets take today, and only focus on today, and decide to do it well. 🙂



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