DAYBREAKER: I’m on a boat!

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-17

Being in LA, we get to do some really cool shit.  Like having a full-blown dance party on a boat at 6:30am with really amazing-energy people, getting our sweat in, and starting the morning with positive vibes, all before a days work!  Like who does this?!

We do. And it’s amazing. It’s called DAYBREAKER and it’s the “Morning movement that will start your day off unlike anything else!” and they are right about that!  Right now Daybreaker is featured in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  It happens every few weeks in each city and it is a fabulous way to start your day!  I’ve frequented the Daybreakers that were held in clubs and restaurant venues, but when I heard this one was GOING TO BE ON A BOAT!!!!??? OMG, I died.

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-16
Daybreaker- Boat Edition
Daybreaker- Boat Edition-4
Daybreaker- Boat Edition-5

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-3

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-10
Daybreaker- Boat Edition-7
Daybreaker- Boat Edition-9
Daybreaker- Boat Edition-11

My friend Samantha and I were quick to buy tickets to this one, we didn’t want to miss out! You would think that we would have to all be drunk or “on” something to wake up at the butt-crack-of-dawn to dance our brains out at 6:30AM, but nope!  No booze, no drugs, just us, the music, crazy outfits, coffee, kombutcha, and great people. The energy is alway insane, costumes and fun clothes encouraged, everyone bringing such positivity that when we coming together in one place, the vibe just EXPLODES!  Trumpet players play along with the beats the DJ is bringing, an artist is painting while everyone is dancing around them, and the morning closed with a live act by James the Human (AMAZ by the way, new big fan right here!), and a positive quote that we all read together to send us on our way and fill our day with more great energy, it was:

Daybreaker Quote

This is seriously one of the funniest experiences I have done, and this time being on a boat brought it to another level.  For me it’s a better way to start my day then with the gym, a must for anyone that can get to one of these areas and experience this magic!

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-8

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-6

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-12

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-13

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-14

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-2

Daybreaker- Boat Edition-15

More info here!  Come join us! —>

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