Droppin’ Some Knowledge

Written Jan 23, 2015

I got asked to go back to my alma matter, California State University, Long Beach, to speak to a group of students I used to be a part of called the President Ambassadors.  This is a lovely, motivated, well-rounded group of college students that have been hand picked by the University President to represent him/her and the President’s office on a student level.  It’s like the President’s student entourage, at least that is how I like to look at it 😉

I was so honored they asked me to come back and speak.  They wanted me to speak about my road to being a business owner and what kind of advice I’d give to these students.  And goodness, at first I wasn’t really sure what I was going to say.  I felt like it hadn’t been that long since I had been in their shoes, I feel like I haven’t gotten as far as I wanted to in life, and didn’t know if I really felt worthy to talk about where I am now.  But then I thought, “I guess in reality, doing math, IT HAD been almost 9 years since I had been in college and I must have learned something!  There must be some knowledge I can drop on them.” So I thought…and thought… and I just decided to tell my story, I decided I would tell them what I wish someone would have told me when I was in college, how challenging life is after college, and how to prepare for it.

I’m not going to go into much what I talked about, because that can be ten blog entries in itself, and I will eventually write about that stuff.  But what dawned on me within the talk/discussion I had with them, is that I HAD learned a lot since I had graduated!  Much more than I had realized. It was when I was talking to them that I realized I felt like I was worlds away from where they are at this very moment in their lives.  I realized in the last nine years, I have learned a lot not only about life, but about myself.  It was exhilarating speaking with these students because one, it made me realize a lot about myself and that I HAVE gotten far in my life and two, I saw they still had this purity about them, a purity and motivation that I remember having at that time in my life, like feeling indestructible and untouched.  I remember in college I felt like I was going to conquer the world, and of course, I still feel like that, haha, but that certain spirit you have in college was really refreshing and energizing to be around again.

it reaminded me of the strength and hope I had in college before I was (lack of better words) beaten down by the world.  So as much as I might have taught them, they brought back this hope and this un-matched determination/strength that i hadn’t felt since 9 years ago when I graduated.  So as much as I gave to them that day, they gave me a lot back as well.

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