Is the traditional date dead?

One of my favorite things to do is go to a place and eavesdrop on people’s conversations. Yes, it may seem incredibly intrusive, and it is, but I don’t care. I feel it can give you a broader perspective on people, you can learn new things, and it’s just simply fun to live in someone else’s life for a little bit.

Today as I sit, there was actually nothing new I learned. I was listening to two girls talk about love and life. It was actually a conversation I have heard many times, and one I have even had with my girlfriends over the years.

It was about the lack of a “true” date. How its very rare a man will ask you on the traditional “dinner” date or actually take some time to plan somethig special. It’s all about a casual drink, a quick frozen yogurt, “let’s get a coffee.” Our whole life has become speed dating. Dating life has become lazy… And as a single woman it’s become frustrating and, hate to say it, actually quite shallow.

I was relieved to hear other ladies talk about it because for a while there I thought it as just me. It was as if these girls were speaking exactly what I have been thinking, and its sad to hear its a commonality amongst our generation.

So it makes me wonder… Is the traditional date dead? Is it only going to get worse? Are we killing what dating is supposed to be about?

I am a independent women, and a strong women at that. I can take care of myself, I don’t need much… But every now and then yes, I do want to be taken care of by a man.

So this is what i have to say:
Common men! Step up to the plate! Take charge! Be a man! Plan something besides your career for once in your life! Put some effort into it! Show that woman you really like her… Its what she wants to see!

Don’t contribute to the extinction of the traditional date. Just don’t. Our generation is already being blamed for so much in life, let’s not let this be another one.

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