The Gypsy Life


This week alone I have packed and unpacked my bags three times to wonder the land in this gypsy life. I am currently taking a gas break on my third venture of the week… The long drive to Nor Cal from LA. It’s nothing like long trips alone; you, your car, and country music; that really get you thinking.

For me, I really enjoy the picking-up-and -go lifestyle. Not knowing of I have everything I need, probably shouldn’t be spending the money I’m about to spend, and craving the kind of stories and adventures that are going to come from my nomad-ness.

I have met very few people in my life that I can honestly say like to live like this too. Not saying it’s a bad or good thing, just interesting. Some people think I’m crazy, and I’m ok with that.  I feel it’s very freeing to not have everything planned, and really leave it up to the universe for the adventure.  This is when I feel the most amazing things happen and when I learn the most about myself.  Life is interesting when you take out the comfort of your home, your town, your security, life is interesting on long car rides where you have nothing to do but think (you get to know yourself pretty well), and life is really interesting when you disconnect from all you have to do and focus and enjoy your journey.

Ok, time to stop writing, and time to start driving. On the road again.

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