I sit here in a somber mood missing a man I knew so well.  His breath has left this earth but his presence has not, and will not.  A man I did not know personally but one I knew through his designs, through his exquisite creations, his insanely inventive clothes…  I knew him on the runway.  Alexander McQueen, a man of the fashion world and of my heart, was found dead today in New York right before launching his a new line, of his already worldwide empire, at  NY Fashion Week in Bryant Park.  The fashion world in shock.  Hearts broken and tears scattered over every McQueen store, runway, piece of clothing, handbag, accessory…anything McQueen that any person owns is soaked with heartache.

He was a man of risk.  He was the bad boy of fashion but still knew how to make his risk taking absolutely fabulous!  A multi-award winning designer and an IDOL to not only those climbing their way into the fashion world but an IDOL to those already successfully in it. His shows were always the ones to look forward to, wondering “How is he going to beat the last?”  Although I am engulfed in sadness, I still sit here with a smile on my face thinking about all his dresses and creations that paraded the runway.  The exquisiteness that was unveiled every season was indescribable.  I have chills.

I can’t believe he’s gone.  A true loss in the fashion industry.  I will miss you…nothing more to say but…I will miss you.

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