So there’s this song.   It’s called “Dream Like New York.” It’s by a wonderful man named Tyrone Wells. Listen to it. Please. It will inspire you…

I have to say every now and then I wonder…”Hmmmm…So I have these BIG dreams…are they useless?  Are they even attainable?  It’s SO much work.  Maybe I should just get an everyday job that will at least bring in the money…maybe I should just drop what I have been dreaming of…Maybe my dreams will only ever be JUST dreams…”

And then Mr. Tyrone Sings:

“So many dreams come and go
We blink our eyes
Time flies by we don’t know
What ever happened to those childhood years?
When we thought we could fly
We got to keep those dreams alive

And dream like New York
As high as the skyline
Aim for the stars above those city lights
I want to dream like New York
I’m running down Broadway
I got to catch the next train
I’m making my way…”

And my spirits get higher.  This song always gives me hope to keep on hoping.  It is the song that will make me cry when I feel that I’m at the bottom and want to give up.  It allows me to dream again.  In our society today, with the economy and everything, it is SO easy to give up what we hope for and settle for what we have.  It’s a world of second bests and a “give up” attitude.  But this song changes everything.  It reminds you that it is ok to want more than you have, to dream “as high as the skyline, aim for the stars above those city lights.” It is a song that wont knock you down for wanting the best for you, your family, your friends, and the world around you.

Ok, heart to heart: I can’t express to you how hard it is to live IN a dream that you don’t have.  Me and a few of my friends can agree that it is a lonely road trying to make it to the top.  As much as I am hoping that it will be GREAT when I get there it is miserable trying to get there…I am asking for NO PITY…I’m just letting you know that I UNDERSTAND if you happen to be on this road with me…and I also want you to know to NEVER give up.

LISTEN TO THIS SONG, and whatever it is that you dream of: a job/career, a love, a house, something for your child, something for your family, something about your health, lifestyle, yourself, ANYTHING (big or small)…PLEASE keep dreaming.

Never stop dreaming…there is something SO beautiful about a person that dreams.  Someone that wants BIG things for themselves and the people around them.  Be that someone… the one that HAS dreams, HAS big goals, and ENCOURAGES the same for the people around them.

(Keep Dreaming…)

One thought on “DREAM LIKE NEW YORK

  1. I LOVE this… and know so many of us can relate!! You get to a point where you start to wonder if it’s wrong to simply want more… when you are grateful for all that you do have…health and happiness above all… But you are right, it is OK and in fact beautiful to want more, for not only ourselves but for our loved ones and even the world!! Life is not easy but you have to fight for your dreams… and believe!!! One of my favs “Never, never, never give up” ~ Winston Churchill


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