Another Broken Heart… Nothing breakfast in bed and your four best friends can’t fix….


As another Mr. Right turned Mr. Wrong, I sit here in bed broken-hearted wondering how I’m back at square one in the dating game. Just another “return to go” card I draw right when I think I’m scoring big. Nothing is worse than the feeling of being let down by love…

So I lay here, covers tucked under my chin, my head poked out like a turtle…wondering what’s next… “ok,” I say to myself (as I often give myself pep talks) “I’m not going to let you lay here all day in the fetal position wondering why life sucks, your gonna get up, have a productive day, stay busy, and you won’t even think of a thing.” So I get up, try to follow the game plan, and end up back in my bed 30 min later. So much for willpower. So I think, let’s compromise…(another pep talk arises) “alright I’ll give you one day of lameness sulking in bed, but after that no more! Your not going to be one of those girls that stay a week in bed while only eating ice cream and chocolate (although I would love that on any day)… But after this day, that’s it!”

So my day of ME started with a desperate call to my roommate who was already out enjoying breakfast. I wanted breakfast but of course I didn’t want to go get it! He was so kind to bring some home to me. So there I sat, breakfast in bed, ketchup spilling everywhere, crumbs finding their way into my sheets like they were my new boyfriend while I started my marathon of Sex and the City!

Sex and the CityAnd this is where I get into Sex and the City, the four amazing new york best friends any girl could ask for, and how they’re able to cure-all. Now, I know when I said the combination of “your best friends” and “broken heart” you thought the friends were going to be Mr. Jack Daniels, Little Jim Beam, Papa Johnny Walker, and Professor Jameson, but no… It’s the girls from Sex and thy City! When I watch these girls and they start talking, all my worries melt away. You feel like you are right there with them complaining of the ins and outs of men….blah. They have a way of making a sense of humor about relationships and you start to realize that your life should be a life of Friends, Fashion, Fun, and Fabulousness BEFORE men. It should be a life of “feel goods!” I know a broken heart can make you feel like crap, but why let it, your mind is stronger than you think! Dig down deep, remember the things that “did you good” and focus on that.

So there I was, the pieces of my heart being picked up by my New York best friends, a new mindset, and a girl ready to go out for a cocktail and a girls night of her own. Forget the broken heart, its nothing compared to the good time I will have tonight…a quick call to Denise, another to Suzie, and one more to Marilyn…and off we go, a night with the girls and an open heart ready to mingle…

Thank you Sex In The City 😉

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